Our special thanks and gratitude to the following generous people:


Abdul Jalal Choudhury



Angel Djambazov

Axel Hult

Ben Kohn

Brett Talley

Carl Callmer

Chance Neff

Chris Duncan

Chris Rini

Emil Rehnberg

Eric Stinton

Henry Protzmann

Isaac Spooner

Jake Cristina

James Meuli

Jorge Cabrera

Justin Wilson

Kristian Bojer

Lee Bishop

Liam Franks

Marc Guagenti

Matt Giordano



Reed M Kellner

Richard Perry


Ruben van Zantvoort

Scott Adkin

Shane Walsh

Theodore Bricker

Thomas Grant

Wayne Chargualaf

Executive Producers

  • Kevin Nicholson
  • Stana “Connor’s Mom” Ruebusch
  • Ace Dill
  • Roger
  • Adam Hatchl
  • “The Notorious” Motmaitre
  • Kevin Kayvan Ehteshami
  • Frank Javato

 Other People to Thank

  • The Hiders, for the use of their wonderful music
  1. Joel says:

    I really like the song you begin and end your podcast with. Can you tell me what song it is? And I really enjoy the podcast. You guys do a great job.

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