Scouting Reports

If you’re looking to improve some aspects of your game, or want to prepare for an upcoming fight, feel free to get in touch with me. I’m happy to put together a 5-10 page report, with freeze frames, time stamps, and recommended drills/exercises to help you improve your technique, and prepare a strategy tailor-made for your next opponent. As long as you have footage of yourself or your opponents for me, I’m more than willing to break things down and give simple, practical advice. I won’t insist that you rebuild yourself as a fighter–oftentimes all it takes are a few simple adjustments to completely change how comfortable you feel in the ring or cage, and how well you put away the opposition.

Pay is hourly. Contact me at boxingbusch@gmail.comĀ for a quote.

Below you’ll find the thoughts of fighters that I’ve done reports for already.

Fighter Testimonials

Josh Samman (Sherdog Fighter Profile)


Ryan Roddy (Sherdog Fighter Profile)

“Just a quick shout out to Connor Ruebusch, who recently did a report on my striking based on my previous performances at Cage Warriors.

He did a 10 page breakdown, with gifs and analysis of my fights, and also analysis of other strikers who I could watch to look at the things they are doing and how I can incorporate it into my game. I found the process HUGELY helpful and I could implement the feedback via the drills he gave me straight away.

Connor also does custom reports of you, or your opponent, and in my opinion it’s invaluable stuff! Connor writes the technique breakdowns for Bloody Elbow and runs a martial arts based podcast called ‘Heavy Hands’ aimed at real students of the game; I’d advise you to look at both to get an idea of his work.

It’s really refreshing to get a complete outsiders opinion on your game, he can pick up things that you or your coach might miss and I will be using him again to scout my next opponent. I would argue this is a much better use of your resources than buying the latest supplement or new shape Kettle Bell, etc.”

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