Today your hosts are obsessed with the small, subtle things that make high level combat so beautiful. Small steps, tiny shifts in rhythm. These are the things that separate the great from the merely good.

Gennady Golovkin fights Martin Murray this Saturday on HBO, and whil few are expecting Murray to get the win, there is the distinct possibility that he will prove tough enough to take the fight into the late rounds which, for technique geeks, is a good thing. More fight time means more opportunities to study how Golovkin inches his way in and out of range, and from side to side, keeping himself balanced and poised for the knockout blow. Pat and Connor spend some time drooling over this aspect of the Kazakh’s game.

Then, this Sunday, Michael Johnson will use many of the same principles, toying with angles and rhythm to shoot long, straight punches at Edson Barboza who, while a very exciting fighter, lacks the technical finesse and depth of athletic talent possessed by his opponent.

It’s a good weekend for fight fans, and hopefully this episode of Heavy Hands gets you all the more excited.

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Gennady Golovkin shadowboxing to music

Connor’s Gennady Golovkin breakdown video

Michael Johnson and Nieky Holzken training together

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      Ah. My only suggestion: Put the show notes in the podcast episode description so that we can open the links right from the phone. Thanks.

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