Ronda Rousey is starting to seem unbeatable, and nobody really seems to think that Bethe Correia will be the first woman to change that.

So today, we’re focusing our attention on the woman who could beat Rousey–even if she doesn’t necessarily  exist yet. What style will it take to defuse the swarming, clinching, Judo-throwing approach of Rousey? And are there any fighters on the planet who fit the bill?

After that, we talk about the UFC’s other bantamweight champ, TJ Dillashaw, who put on a scintillating performance in his second title defense against Renan Barao at UFC on Fox 17. Oh, and we urge you to lighten up on the man he beat as well.

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  1. Zack Simmons says:

    Question about Ronda vs Holm: you were both in consensus that Holm might be able to last a several rounds with Rousy, but that she’d probably be loosing and would ultimately almost certainly lose the fight. So my question is this: what would that fight look like?

    Holm is, for lack of better terms, a point fighter. Rousy is a hellacious finisher with a very basic striking game. It seems to me that if Holm is lasting in the fight, it’s because she’s largely evading the clinch and keeping Ronda at distance. How would Holm realistically be loosing that fight? Ronda is going to outstrike her…? This seems incredible unlikely.

    I agree that the chance Holm beats Rousy is low, but that’s just a function of Holm needing to fight the perfect fight. I think that up until the finishing sequence where Holm gets thrown and submitted, she will almost certainly be winning.

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