It’s a non-fight week, and that gives us not only the chance to catch our breath, but the opportunity to answer some of the listener questions that have been piling up in our inbox and on Twitter.

Every week Pat and Connor get lots of great questions for our Heavy Bag segment, but your hosts usually only get to answer one at a time. So today’s episode is all about answering some of the great listener mail that didn’t make the cut the first time around.

We’ve got a wide range of questions for you, and some inspired discussion centered around them. First, we break down the process of analyzing a fight. What does each of us focus on when analyzing a fighter or, better yet, when devising a gameplan to defeat him?

We talk low kicks–remember when they were the coolest technique in all of MMA? How come nobody cares about low kicks anymore? Huh?

And then it’s on to the “Philly Shell.” Why isn’t Floyd Mayweather’s vaunted shoulder roll more commonly seen in MMA, and would it apply to this sport if someone did try to use it?

All of this and more on the latest episode of Heavy Hands.

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  1. Nick says:

    Best episode I’ve listened to. If you find time and would like another place to discuss MMA, I’d ask you check out It is a newer forum set up by MMA fans that split off from the UG, in attempts to raise the level of conversation about the sport and it would be awesome to have you guys contributing. Thanks.


  2. Pedro Gomes says:

    Great, once again! Gets me through an hour at work at least, wish this was daily, love the technique talk, and the little things you get me trying in training. Thanks!

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