Episode Two is here already!

One of the most underappreciated aspects of combat sports is a good trainer. Behind every Joe Louis there is a Jack Blackburn, behind every Manny Pacquiao a Freddie Roach, and behind Las Vegas trainer Luis Monda are Mike McCallum and Merqui Sosa. In today’s episode we sit down for a long talk with Luis about his training background and his views on training.

We get to hear some fantastic insights about a fighter’s personality determining his/her style and the process of training new students as well as experienced ones.

And then we coerce Luis into breaking down Mayweather vs. Alvarez as well as Matthysse vs. Garcia.

Thanks to Luis for the fantastic interview, and we hope you like it.

You can listen to the episode here, or follow the link to download. And we are now on iTunes, so subscribe to us there to automatically receive each new episode as it’s released. Just search the Store for “Heavy Hands.”

Download: http://heavyhands.libsyn.com/2-interview-with-luis-monda-and-mayweather-alvarez-discussion

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