13 – Daði Ástþórsson Interview

January 30, 2014 in Podcast Episodes by Connor

On a cold dim Cincinnati morning, I sat down to chat with one Daði Ástþórsson, who was surely experiencing an even dimmer and colder morning in Iceland at the time. The friend, former trainer, and business partner of popular friend of the show Luis Monda, Daði is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer of many young boxers, and in many ways is the originator of many of the ideas that I profess on the show and in my articles. We discuss his martial arts background, his training philosophy, the differences between strategic and tactical thinking. I hope you enjoy this discussion with one of the finest craftsmen in the sport.

As discussed in the episode, here are some videos that demonstrate Daði’s boxing principles. First, his excellent breakdown of boxer Charley Burley.

And here is one of Daði’s boxers fighting and sparring, including a bout against a boxer from the CIK, the gym that developed Mikkel Kessler.

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