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You find yourself on the homepage of Heavy Hands, the only podcast geared exclusively toward the technical, tactical, and strategic side of combat sports. You won’t find discussions of who deserves what title shot, or who’s beefing with who–rather, you can expect in-depth fight breakdowns, technical analysis, and interviews with some of the best trainers and fighters on earth.

Heavy Hands is the product of Connor Ruebusch, a dedicated fan and practitioner of martial arts, and fight analyst for Bloody Elbow and Bad Left Hook, with Sherdog’s Patrick Wyman in the role of co-host.

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53 thoughts on “Home

  1. BillTed says:

    Really enjoyed your breakdown over at be.
    Love Jack too but I think you might be a better writer then he is.
    You made something that can easily come off kind of dry very entertaining.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Connor Connor says:

      Thanks very much for your kind words, Bill. That’s my goal. I’m a history student too, so I well understand how an interesting topic can come off as either dry or entertaining depending on the presentation. It’s a great compliment to hear that you think I’ve been successful making something as perilous as technical analysis entertaining.

  2. Dragon punch says:

    Really enjoying the podcast thanks!

  3. Tony says:

    I listened to my first podcast of your show (Cotto episode) and really enjoyed it. Finally heard someone verbalizing many of my opinions on boxing for mma. Plan to listen further.

    Also, love your idea of a GSP episode. He is one of the greatest martial artists/mma figters of all time and gets some unfair criticism in opinion. Hope you go through with the episode.


    • Connor Connor says:

      Thanks for the kind words! The GSP episode will definitely be taking place. There are so many interesting facets to his style that I’d love to discuss. We’ll try to get that one out the week before his fight with Hendricks.

      • lolbbq says:

        Coming from a martial arts background, I can certainly appreciate the technical breakdowns you guys are doing. Great job and I plan to check back often.

        Regarding the topic of jabs, I’ve read a few bloody elbow articles on the topic, but they are always about a single fighter. I suggest maybe you guys do a combined analysis of the guys at tristar as a whole. The biggest ‘jab performances’ i can think of come from GSP, rory macdonald, and Robert Whittaker (How he drops his lead hand is really unique).

        • Connor Connor says:

          Solid idea! I’ll certainly try to work that in to a future episode. Perhaps we could discuss it as part of the GSP episode we’ll be doing soon.

          Thanks for listening. :) We’ve got two episodes coming out this week.

  4. Phil says:

    Is it just me or does the amazon click through not work? Tried briefly in both firefox and chrome…

  5. James says:

    Enjoying the podcast. I’ve only listened to a couple but love the insight, especially on boxing. Keep it up

  6. mike says:

    Gonna start listening to your podcasts for a second time, lots of gold in there

  7. Owen says:

    These podcasts are great. I have listened to all of them. I always learn a lot and it’s amazing to hear people who are articulate, knowledgeable and passionate about these sports.

    I also like that you avoid the drama, rumors and other stuff that other people seem to fixate on and stick to fight and technique analysis.


  8. Will says:

    Hi Connor,

    Great work, really enjoying the poscast so far. Two things:

    1. Wondering if you could recomend some literature (maybe 3 or 4 books) on stiking technique and instruction. In case its relevant, I’ve been training muy thai for roughly 6 months and looking to expand my limited knowledge and skills in anyway possible. Open to any type of striking, but particularly muy thai and boxing.

    2. Could we get a break down of Mousasi sometime, perhaps prior to his upcoming fight?


    • Connor Connor says:

      Sure! I’d love to talk about Mousasi as well as Machida. I’ll try to think of some books, but honestly I haven’t read many so my recommendations in that area won’t be anything special. Thanks for listening!

  9. jeff says:

    I like your guys show. I like to discuss technique so its nice to listen to an mma podcast that actually discusses technique. I especially like your choice in music. What bands are you playing on air? Is there a listing somewhere i can look at? Thanks

    • Connor Connor says:

      Thanks very much, Jeff! The band you hear on our shows is a local Cincy band called the Hiders. They graciously let us use their song free of charge, so please check them out if you like what you hear. Their album Valentine is one of my favorites (the intro song, “Bones in the Well,” is from that CD.

  10. Clockworkrat says:

    I am enjoying your podcast thus far.

    I have one question for you, and that is who would win in a fight between Aldo and a chimpanzee at featherweight? What would be the best strategy?

  11. Potato Man says:

    Loving the podcasts. All of them are great and I always learn a lot from them. How do you guys go about breaking down fights? And what sort of questions are you guys asking yourselves when you’re watching a fight?

    • Connor Connor says:

      I usually end up watching the fight as a whole twice before I come up with something to break down. I kind of find something that stands out to me via osmosis. Often my breakdown begins with a momentous technique–a knockdown punch, big takedown, etc–and then I just reverse engineer it. Why did it land? Why didn’t the other guy see it coming? What opening did the offensive fighter see that made him throw it?

      • Helio's Heels says:

        Don’t give away too many tricks of the trade Connor! Keep the mystique, keep the magic! And finally.. Don’t let Eugene S Robinson anywhere near this project! Let me tell you about that guy..

        Btw have you ever considered collaborating with Jack Slack on a project, or getting him on a podcast? I don’t know if he’s ever done anything like this, or been interviewed on audio, but you two together would be cool..

        • Connor Connor says:

          Yeah, I asked him way back when I started the show. I’d love to have him on, but he was a bit reluctant. Perhaps concerned about keeping his anonymity.

  12. M0b1us stripper says:

    More episodes, pretty please. Hope this recent absence wasn’t inspired by any terrible tragedy. If not, your loyal fans are waiting. Back to work!

    And thanks for the great show.

    • Connor Connor says:

      We’re back and rolling now, man. Sorry for that long delay. No terrible tragedies, just too much work, not enough money, and a lack of motivation. It’s good to have a co-host again to keep the analysis going.

      • Mobius Stripper says:

        Excellent stuff, as a longtime listener this recent batch of episodes have been the best yet. Great having Pat onboard, leads to some highly insightful banter (though you should bring Corey back for a special Tekken corner segment where he opines at length about the mma fighters that best represent the styles of tekken characters, Rustam Khabilov as King? / Nurmagomedov as Armor King? How else are folks ever gonna learn the proper keypress order to break Nurmmy’s chain throw combos).

        I feel like this podcast hits the best balance of tone of any mma media, at least for my taste. Serious and thoughtful conversation and analysis, but without actually taking yourselves too seriously. Plus, the editing has a nice touch of polish, which is appreciated from a mom and pop operation like yours (who’s the mom, who’s the pop, I’ll leave that to you guys). Most importantly, you guys stick to talking about the parts of mma that matter to me, that actual fighting. Oddly, that seems to be a rarity in this fairly crowded mma media landscape.

        btw your website is not all that confusing or poorly designed, no need to hit the self deprecation button on every break :)

  13. Will says:

    A little late but dare i say it might be time to get the never late, always great Matt Brown back for another interview?

    If you do happen to get him back at some stage, could you please personally thank him for me. I had a sizeable portion of my sportsbetting account leveraged on him in what was one of the more obvious mispricings I’ve seen recently. At one stage he was almost a 3 to 1 underdog. Obviously not enough betters out there reading your Judo Chops!

  14. Steve says:

    Just wanted to say glad to see the site back up, I appreciate the fuck out of the fact that this podcast exists. Dunno what your long term plans are but as an amateur boxing it is great to have this podcast, and I hope you guys keep it going.

  15. James Patterson says:

    Welcome back, missed the podcasts. Do you think that you will be doing some more boxing centric episodes? Love all combat sports but boxing is closer to my heart. Keep it up, appreciate it.

  16. Juul says:

    This podcast was mentioned in a Reddit-topic. Amazing breakdown.

  17. James Patterson says:

    Very nice, look forward to it. Thanks

  18. Jamesglory says:

    A fantastic site, that seems to be a well kept secret.
    I like the fact, it seems no trolls, or idiots visit here.
    Only those who enjoy, love and want to share & learn more about combat sports.
    -Long may that last.
    Greetings to all, from Yorkshire, England.

  19. Atli says:

    Hey I am a fan and wanted to try and give you some money from the amazon kickback but i live in canada so I need the site and I couldnt get what I wanted on due to shipping. If you set up a link I’ll definitely go through here every time. Great work, and I wish you all the best.

    • Connor Connor says:

      Thanks Atli! I will look into getting a few other links up, for the British, Irish, and Canadian listeners. We appreciate it!

  20. VITOR HOSHI says:

    very amusing podcast, thanks for the awesome work connor and patrick!!! And dont worry connor, as a Brazilian, I can guarantee both you and patricky are on the same level of pronunciation when it comes to brazilian words.

  21. Jason says:

    Do you have an email contact on the website, Connor? I just wanted to say: Did you see the Josh Jauncey fight from Glory 19? You could write a dozen articles from that one! Also, about Diaz/Anderson: No one has done to Diaz what Anderson did, and no one has done to Anderson what Diaz did.

    • Connor Connor says:

      I do. You can email me at

      No, I’m afraid I didn’t catch the Jauncey fight. I’ll check it out when I get the chance. And yes, I totally agree with your assessment of Diaz-Silva. It was a wholly unique fight, and one that I’m really happy I was lucky enough to see. We don’t see those kinds of matchups often enough.

  22. Graeme says:


    This podcast is great and has really enhanced my understanding and appreciation for combat sports. I was already an obsessive fan but breaking technique down with articulate language is so refreshing. A great example was the Regional Fighting Styles episode. I trained Muay Thai for 3 years under a Thai instructor. I spend a fair amount of my MMA viewing time bemoaning the lack of (what I associate with) Muay Thai technique in the UFC. It upsets me. Turns out, a lot of fighters are using Dutch or Brazilian styles, so it was my own narrow mind at fault. Growth. Excellent!

    I also particularly liked the episode breaking down Conor McGregor. People are so eager to chop down a rising talent and I wanted to believe he was a great fighter. I was seeing it with my own eyes but it’s great to have it reaffirmed and examined.

    Anyway… Luke Thomas turned me on to Heavy Hands. For my money, you guys (and Luke) are mutating the way this sport (MMA) is perceived (I feel like boxing is already established as such through a rich history). My friendship group/ work colleagues are generally arty, liberal types who think fighting is barbaric. I’m labelled a weirdo and question why I love it so much. Hearing intelligent, intellectual discussions on the subject only legitimises my passion further… and allows me to accept that, deep down, I just really like watching people fight each other!

    Thanks… and keep up the good work.


  23. jacob nesbit says:

    Hey conor whats the name to the intro song on your podcast ? its been driving me nuts that i cant find it…

    • Connor Connor says:

      Glad you asked! I really should mention it on the show more often… It’s “Bones in the Well” by a Cincinnati band called the Hiders. They do a really interesting blend of blues, country, and weird indie rock. They were also nice enough to let me use their song for free, so definitely do them a favor and check them out. The album that song is from–“Valentine”–is great all around.

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